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Another Nightime Visit

Farfarello was a much better, safer driver than Schuldig, which was amusing, since he didn't actually have a license. He pulled the nondescript black jeep around to a narrow alley between Weiss's building and parked it. There was barely enough room for them to squeeze out at the sides, but they managed, and moved quietly and quickly up the stairs to the apartment. Farfarello checked the small monitoring device in his coat pocket. No disturbances to the magnetic field. Good. He hadn't been planning to come today, but it had been Nagi's insistence, and Farfarello was fairly certain it was Omi the younger man wanted to see. He didn't approve, but it wasn't his place to tell Nagi what to do or not do.

Nagi followed Farfarello closely, watching him go the different precautions before nearing the door to enter the hideout filled with Weiß. Farfarello had been here before, so he let him lead and stop suddenly and the such without complaint. Omi, still caged in his room, never left nor was checked upon. And he thought he might like it that way... he didn't know what to do when he had to encounter Yohji, Aya, and Ken. The past few nights were marked by the constant thrashing in bed, sometimes knocking over loose objects and falling on the floor, soaked in his tears.

Oh, Omi was checked on. He was just always far too out of it to realize that anyone had been coming in to check on him. He had been changed regularly, between fits, and the sweat had been steadily wiped away after particularly bad ones. It was one such fit, actually, that Aya was currently departing from, a faint sigh escaping him as he made his way down the stairs. Finally, he collapsed on the couch, leaning his head back against the back, eyes slipping closed. This was getting to be a headache.

Yohji had for a few evenings now refrained from coming out of his room, and when he did, he was unusually quiet, looking as though he were in deep thought about something. When spoken to, it took a moment or two for him to realize it, and he'd quickly pull a smile and casually answer whatever had been asked before returning to silence. Now he was in one such mood, having a cigarette in the kitchen. There was an ashtray full of depleted ones already on the table in front of him.

Farfarello slid his key into the lock and twisted it, then knocked firmly against the door several times in warning. Pushing the door open, he ushered Nagi inside. He himself hung back - he was more interested in Fujimiya and/or Kudou than Tsukiono, even though he did enjoy the thought of Bombay whimpering in the grip of nightmares. Still, Bombay had been verging on useless before. If the things he'd seen in the depths of the Abyss had weakened him, not strengthened him, he would have irritated words with Guilbeaux.

Nagi waited to greet all assassins before rushing off to his own business, wanting to show some manners and concern for them all, though he had mixed feelings about them. He didn't initiate any talk but would add in where necessary before excusing himself.

Aya merely raised an eyebrow. You know, it really wasn't that surprising to him anymore whenever the Schwarz boys popped by. He merely nodded his greeting toward both Omi and Farfarello before settling back in against the couch again.

He could hear them from the kitchen, the knocking anyway, and so Yohji sighed and stubbed out his most recent cigarette before rising to moving into the main living area. Company calls again. Wonder what for this time?

"Abyssinian," he greeted flatly. "Balinese. Forgive our intrusion." He followed Nagi inside. "Nagi wished to come. I have no purpose in being here. I don't suppose you would spare me some hot chocolate," he said with a hint of amusement, eyeing Yohji where the lankier man stood in the kitchen doorway.

Nagi cast a look in Farfarello's direction, raising an eyebrow. He looked to and nodded to the other two. "I hope you all are doing well..."

"As well as can be expected," he answered, rising from the couch and moving into the kitchen. He set about making the hot chocolate, enough for at least the four of them, though probably more when all was said and done.

While he was at that, Yohji moved to sweep the ashtray out of the way, clearing his throat slightly. He'd have gotten hell from Omi, normally, for smoking inside, but...well, that was probably the least of his worries, right now. Chewing the inside of his lip momentarily, he glanced at Farfarello. "Schuldig tell you what the kid had to say, yet?" The information about Mainframe, in particular, he knew the Irishman would have been eager to receive, if that was still indeed his target.

Farfarello hiked an eyebrow and took off his coat, draping it over the back of the couch. "I was away most of yesterday," he explained. "When I returned home, Schuldig was asleep. He has said nothing to me."

Noticing Aya had gone to the kitchen to prepare something, Nagi decided to wait and hope to converse a bit before leaving them. He stayed silent, noting this was more of a thing between them.

Aya turned around and gazed him for a second before turning back toward the stove. "The short version is this: the mainframe is in South America, likely somewhere in Chile. He knows the ins and outs of the building. Oh, and you're not allowed to kill him until Eszet is gone."

"Once again, you show an uncanny ability to cut the fat out of a conversation," Yohji murmured dryly, though he did look slightly amused. "Yeah, that's pretty much it in a nutshell. Then there was that weird box, whatever it was." Locked, of course, they had no idea what was inside it.

Farfarello shrugged. "It was not on my immediate to-do list," he said dryly. "He can relax for the moment. The box?" he wondered, eyeing Yohji, then making a connection. "The strong box which he stole. You recovered it?"

Nagi helped himself to sitting on the couch, looking around the apartment he used to call home. There's a lot of history and memory here... I wonder if they realize that...

Aya nodded as he began pouring hot liquid into mugs that had chocolate in them. "Hai. He had the box with him. Unfortunately, we were unable to open it. Schuldig has it, now; says he knows of someone who'd likely be able to."

"He also mentioned wanting first crack at the guy who was running the prostitution ring, if at all possible," Yohji added, sliding to take a seat at the table and idly sweeping away some stray ash. Heh. Alright, he wasn't the neatest and most orderly of God's creatures. But few didn't know that already.

"Circiatto," Farfarello ascertained after the briefest of thoughtful pauses. He made his way into the kitchen. "I am not certain if his Gift can best the magic laid upon that box. As I was once told, repeatedly, Psionics and magick do not mix well." He took the seat between Yohji and the unclaimed chair.

Nagi decided to help Aya with passing out the hot chocolate, and he could help but show Farfarello the slightest hint of a smile when he gave him his. He sat down at the table, across from Yohji, to whom he occasionally peeked at over his mug.

Aya settled in the last seat, mug of hot chocolate in his hands. He lifted it silently and took a drink, eyes darting between the three of them. If it weren't frightening, this would be almost domestic. Hmm. Finally, his eyes settled on Farfarello as he took another drink. "Any word yet on our next living arrangements?"

Domestic assassins, indeed. Something was definitely wrong with that picture. Normally, he'd have been quite eager to voice annoyance at being cooped up here so long, but...today, he opted to drink his hot chocolate and wait for an answer.

Farfarello returned the hint of a smile - so familiar, was it not? He watched Nagi settle in next to him, leaving the last chair, on Yohji's other side, for Aya. And speaking of Aya, "None yet. That is Crawford's domain at the moment.. we have to give him something to do or he feels he is losing control of matters," he said with a bit of amusement. "As I said, I have been busy and often away from home. If a decision has been made, I have not been informed, but that should not surprise you... they are still not used to HAVING to keep me informed," he commented.

The assassins heard a stumble and a slight smack against the wall come from the living room, and those with the view from the kitchen could see the large shirt and PJ bottoms clad Omi make his way towards the kitchen. He seemed to be struggling, looking worn out yet determined as his face strained to drag himself to the kitchen, hearing all the voices originate from there. He seemed to be covered in sweat and rubbing his neck as if he was uncomfortable.

Aya had been about to respond to this before stopping. He heard Omi before he saw the younger assassin. Violet eyes turned toward the door of the kitchen. Aya rose and moved out to him, frowning just slightly. Silently he held out an arm toward him, offering him support.

Yohji frowned as well, keeping cautious eyes on the youngest Weiss. "Hey, kid...how're you feelin'?" It was, no doubt, a stupid question, but a well meant one. What else was he going to say? He knew Omi was probably sick of lying in bed with everything just...passing him on by. "Want some hot chocolate?" He gestured to the mugs they were drinking out of, shifting as though to move and get him some, as well, should he feel up to it.

Farf knew their true feelings, but they still gathered around their wounded brother. Weiss was as much darker parody of a family as Schwarz had become. He ignored Tsukiono entirely and drank his hot chocolate, accepting the fact that their conversation with him had been forgotten without complaint. It meant nothing to him, in any case - if Schuldig had the information and item he needed, he might as well have been home.

Omi looked to Aya and almost instantly leaned on his for support. He had to get out of that room, it was driving him mad that all he saw was those walls and nightmares, walls, nightmares, walls... and he heard Nagi's voice and knew he hasn't been around, and wanted to see him. Omi's head turned to respond to Yohji, his mouth opening a little, then biting his lip and looking down, almost ashamed. Nagi had shot up out of his seat in surprise, not expecting Omi to leave his room like that, but soon sat down as he saw Aya help him into the kitchen.

Aya helped bring Omi into the kitchen, and proceeded to place him in the seat he had vacated. He pulled back, glancing down at the other, before turning toward the counter to pour him his own mug of hot chocolate. After placing it on the table in front of him he stood back, glancing down at him. "Good to see you up and about."

Yohji had rather chosen to bite his tongue, merely glad Omi felt up to moving around again. He needed it...needed to get out of that room, but nobody wanted to push him. Everyone still seemed to be giving him that respectful distance that they would have wanted, were it them. He offered Omi an encouraging smile and a nod before taking another drink.

Farfarello, having lost all interest in the conversation and knowing very well that his presence provoked Tsukiono, stood and moved slowly out of the kitchen. After a brief hesitation, he turned toward the balcony, one hand caressing the cool glass of the sliding doors before shoving them aside and stepping out into the dampness that followed the previous day's rain.

Omi simply nodded at everyone, not saying anything. A wave of guilt soon swept over him and he fingered the handle of the mug, not sure of what to do. He sat across from Nagi, who sensed that something was wrong with Omi, save the last trauma he just went through.

Talk about an awkward silence...and Yohji hated those with a passion. But what was there to say? Normally he'd make light of the situation, but this hardly seemed appropriate, and no one seemed to know -what- to say.

Omi took a sip from his mug, sapphire eyes watching the other members of Weiß. I can't believe... His head hung as he looked at his hands in his lap, fingers intertwined, as if he was contemplating something. Nagi cleared his throat, as he was starting to get the same feeling as Farfarello, their old home's comfort turned into rigid stoicism.

Well, what were they supposed to talk about? Hey, Omi, how're your nightmares? They had a bit more tact than that. He scratched the back of his head absently, still glancing between the three of them. Really, this was what their time back at the Koneko was like. They talked more on missions than they did at the store. The only difference now was the fact they should be talking, but weren't, which made it awkward.

Rather too awkward, in fact. His chocolate was gone, and his mind was traveling elsewhere as it was...he felt bad, but what could be said? Omi wasn't talking, so maybe he didn't want to talk. It wasn't as though he couldn't if he wanted to, right? But it was just a little too tense for him, all the same, and so he rose from his seat, moving to deposit the mug in the sink and moving out of the kitchen, hesitating for a moment near Omi before smiling and ruffling his hair faintly. "Hey, sulking doesn't suit you, chibi. It'll be alright." It didn't feel like the truth, but it was only meant to cheer the other up, even a little. Glancing briefly at Aya, he made his way out of the kitchen entirely, pausing only to catch sight of the Irishman out on the balcony.
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