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~Ne, Fujimiya,~ came the all too familiar mental voice. Right now, though, after a week locked up in that house, it came as something of a blessing.

Aya's eyes opened slowly and he shook his head, blinking a few times. A yawn wracked his body as he sat up, running a hand through his hair. ~What?~

~You gonna come answer the door, or what?~ Gods only knew how he'd managed to get through the countless security precautions, but then, it was Schuldig, and wasn't so surprising.

~Hn.~ He even grunted in his mental processes. That couldn't be healthy. Aya pushed himself up out of bed. He padded his way across the floor and out, heading downstairs, grumbling quietly as he made his way to the front door. Aya paused before the door a second, glancing out just to make sure, before pulling the door open.

Schuldig was leaning lazily against the doorframe, looking... disturbingly normal, in blue jeans and a black t-shirt, hair yanked back into a ponytail, that coat of his nowhere to be seen. "Figured you were the best option to wake up," he said by way of introduction. "Kudou's deep in a really hot dream involving you, him, and some strawberries, Hidaka's having fond sleeptime fantasies of a soccer ball, and poor little Tsukiyono... well, let's just say he's -still- having nightmares. You, on the other hand, have incredibly boring dreams. Except for the ones where you're fucking your sister; THOSE are fascinating.... but anyway. Figured it was time to check up on you boys. Gone insane yet?" The telepath was grinning. What an asshole.

Aya's face was rather deadpan as Schuldig spoke, though his eye did twitch when the other mentioned his sister. He huffed quietly and raised a hand, grabbing hold of the door. Aya lifted the other, waved, before swinging the door shut again and stepping away. Jackass.

"Gained a little discipline, I see," Schuldig remarked conversationally, stepping inside with a smirk. "Not too long ago you'd've taken off my head for even hinting at your impure desires for dear Aya-chan. But now..." he chuckled, then shook his head. "Anyway, I came here mostly to see to it that you guys AREN'T in the throes of cabin fever."

"Yohji spends most of the day sleeping, Omi never leaves his room, Ken has some ball thing he occupies his time with, Touma seems content to stay put, and I..." he paused for a second, glancing up almost thoughtfully as he made his way to the kitchen, "...want to hurt something." Meh.

"I could get you a punching bag," Schuldig said thoughtfully, following him into the kitchen. "In fact, I want you guys to make a list for me - movies, deck of cards, punching bag, groceries, that sort of shit - and I'll get you some stuff to distract you. We're working on someplace better for you guys - in fact, from what Brad has told me, we'll be moving you guys in with us, and soon. Apparently we moved you quick enough the first time that the Bad Guys are still going 'WTF?' over it all. I've been in contact with those two women, who've been kind enough to tell us that no, their so-called superiors don't have a clue what they're doing. They won't give us much more information than that, but if they did, I'd suspect them - you know, if they're willing to double-cross their bosses, they're willing to double-cross us. So tell your boys that it won't be too much longer. You got any beer?" he said hopefully, slumping into one of the kitchen chairs.

Move in...with...this had to be some sort of reality show waiting to happen. 'What happens when two teams of opposing assassins are forced to live together? Find out next on White and Black.' Oh, lord, he'd been spending too much time in his head lately. Aya glanced toward Schuldig a moment before moving toward the refrigerator, looking through it. Hmmm...Ah. Yohji hadn't downed them all yet. He pulled the last beer out of the fridge and put it on the table in front of Schuldig before leaning against one of the counters. "In other news, we know where the Mainframe is."

Schuldig burst out laughing. "Bad reality television! If ONLY it were that laughable," he said, shaking his head. Wishful thinking, that, and he took the beer gratefully, popping it open. "You know where the Mainframe is," he repeated, blinking, as a comically dumbfounded look crossed his face. Of course! The kid... should have thought to rummage through his head for information sooner...

Aya's lips twitched slightly at the look and he shook his head slightly. Look for the ages, that. He nodded, though, and ran a hand through his hair, shaking it out slightly. "Aa. South America somewhere. Likely Chile. Touma knows the passages; says he could get us in."

"Chile," Schuldig said, then groaned. Fucking -figured-. Leave it to Estet to find some middle of fucking nowhere location. Not even Bumfuck, Idaho, no, it had to be way down in the goddamned JUNGLE.... Suddenly very glad for that beer, he took a long drink, looking distinctly sulky. "Fucking.... eugh. Bloody FIGURES..."

This caused Aya to quirk an eyebrow slightly and snorted. "Not a fan of remote locales, I take it." His lips twitched and, finally, he couldn't help the quiet snicker that came out. "Try not to wear new boots again."

Schuldig glowered at him fiercely. "You're not allowed to poke fun at me, mister," he growled. "And no, I just don't relish tramping through the fucking jungles."

Aya lifted his hands in a slightly apologetic motion. He couldn't help the sarcasm at the moment. "Not exactly looking forward to it myself." Finally, he paused a second and turned toward one of the cupboards. Popping it open, he pulled down the black box and put it on the table, pushing it toward him. "You know anyone who could open that?"

Schuldig blinked, then frowned, reaching for the box. There was a familiar feel to it, a sort of fizzy imprint that reminded him of Sabbath... ah, that was it, magic. "Well, if you could get the lock open, whatever spells are on it - and there are spells on it, trust me, though fuck if -I- know what kind - would go off. Might be spelled to blow your head off, or just to warn someone that it's been opened. I can't tell. You'd have to find the guy who owned it, or a witch, or something... or a ferrekinetic," and he grinned. "You know, I just might know someone who can open it."

Aya nodded slightly, eyeing the box almost suspiciously. "That'd make sense. Touma swiped it from the asylum. My guess would be from the main office, where all the markings on the like were all over the place." Pause. "Speaking of Touma, Farfarello's not to kill him until Eszet's gone. One of the few requests he made."

"I see that," Schuldig said, sounding marginally amused as he eyed the box. "You remember that half-gaijin who was here when you guys showed up?" he asked, seemingly out of the blue.

He quirked a brow slightly but nodded all the same. Kinda hard to forget. "Yeah?"

"He works for Farfarello. He's a Talent, of the kind Estet would -love- to get their grubby paws on. He is a ferrekinetic - which means he can manipulate metal. On a molecular level. You seen those giant pillars at the corners of your property?" He was referring to four strange obelisks of metal. "Yeah, he set those up. Rearranged the magnetic field of those hunks of iron. In other words, HE could get this box open, in about five seconds flat, and probably without actually setting off the spells. I highly doubt any spells on here are set to make it go boom when the back is neatly rearranged to be open."

Well, then. That was a handy little ability to have around. Aya hmm'd quietly, glancing on the box for a second more before nodding sharply. "Take it with you. It's not doing anyone any good around here." All it was succeeding in doing was driving every one else nuts. "Now that Touma's finally relinquished it, anyway."

"Actually, yeah, it's -real- convenient, especially when you're doing construction work, or you own a garage.... but I'll see what we can do with it," Schuldig nodded, taking the box and grunting at the weight of it. And the kid had lugged it around for weeks on end? Ridiculous.

"Hn." Aya waved a hand slightly. Well, at least that wasn't in his hands anymore. That'd make his life just a little easier. ...Okay, maybe not. Snort.

Schuldig chuckled and took another drink of his beer, tapping his fingertips on the box. "So you're all going nucking futz, huh? Got any other news?"

Aya frowned at this, rubbing the back of his head slightly as he thought over the conversation from the other night. "None that I can't think of at the moment."

Schuldig followed that train of thought, then nodded slowly. "So make up a list, and I'll talk to Farf. We'll have you out of here as soon as possible. I know you guys can't like this whole locked-up thing." Was this Schuldig, being considerate of them? Creepy.

"It beats being six feet in the ground," he said, something akin to amusement flashing in his eyes for just a second. Aya nodded, though. "I'll make sure to ask the others what they'd like."

"You get me that list, and I'll be back in a couple days, hopefully with this opened," Schuldig nodded, hefting the box. "Tell everybody I said hi... oh, and drag Tsukiyono out of his room by force if you have to, it's not healthy for him to hide away, nightmares or not." He rose, smirking at Aya, and reached out to ruffle the swordsman's very red hair.

The expression that crossed Aya's face at the hair ruffle had to be even far more amusing than the one Schuldig had earlier. It was somewhere between confusion and 'what the hell are you on?' He lifted a hand and smoothed his hair out, more out of reflex than anything. "...Right. I'll keep that in mind." And yet he was still with the o.O look on his face.

Schuldig had to laugh. "Awww, he's so cute when he's confuzzled!" he chuckled, and shook his head. "Gruß dich, Ran-chan," he said, wiggling his fingers at Aya before wandering toward the door.

Aya merely waved back almost stupidly before shaking his head to snap himself out of it. You know what? He just wasn't going to bother thinking for a while. Maybe he'd go crawl back into bed or something...

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